There are fewer than 90 days left in 2021. 

What were your thoughts when you read that? 

Did you feel shocked

In disbelief

Maybe a little anxious

Do you feel like you lived up to your full potential in the last three quarters? 

If you’re like me, and most other visionary entrepreneurs, you’ll answer that last question honestly with: probably not. 

That’s not to say you haven’t been successful or experienced accomplishments. You totally have and that’s worth celebrating! 

AND there’s a whole other level (of income, service, success) waiting for you to break through, and what I’m talking about today will help get you there. 

In this episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I’m talking about maximizing YOUR potential for the next 90 days. We’ll look at those top entrepreneurs who seem to always accelerate their success and achieve their goals, and unlock how YOU can experience that same ease of success.

If you’re ready to maximize your potential and create a limitless life, listen in! 

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • We start something – and go all in, but then… 

Whether you talk yourself out of your big idea, or tell yourself you don’t have all of the right “stuff” to get it done… you’re stuck in the start-stop cycle. When you’re in this cycle, your brain will start to argue with you about your abilities and your worthiness. The good news is, you can rewrite those stories. We go deep into these stories and how to rewrite them during The Limitless Life Transformational Event, so don’t miss it.  [5:00]

  • I was missing the moments with the people I was working so hard for.

You know the story. You’re busy writing an email, checking on a client, fixing a problem in your business, all the while missing out on dinnertime with your family, or a big game for your son or daughter, and losing time that you can’t get back. This is my why. Having the freedom to be fully present with my people is my version of success.  [9:10]

  • The potential you have is not outside of you.

You already have it in you. It’s given by God. You were given this massive potential to transform people and help them achieve better lives, better business, better health, better wellness… whatever you were called to do, you are equipped for. You just need to learn how to use what you’ve been given.  [11:43]

If we are held back and if we never fully step into our true, already present, God-given potential we are failing

But failure is just a catapult. It’s how you look at failure that can send you soaring.

You have everything you need to rewrite your success story. 

You were called to make an impact in this life and you were given all of the potential you need to do it. 

It’s time to break the chain of limiting beliefs that are holding us back and begin to excel – without endless effort. 

Lean into your potential and reach that vision you set out to accomplish at the beginning of this year. 

90 days left. 

How will you use them? 

Let me tell you.

Join me for this ONCE IN A LIFETIME, free event where we are going to be breaking down this brain-based success system where, once you have this blueprint, you can use it again and again to reach your goals and set new ones.

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This podcast is amazing! I learn something new every week. Dr. Shannon is very knowledgeable and she uses her story and experience to help you succeed! She is always bringing new guests to help her audience’s growth and live an epic life.

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