So many entrepreneurs get sucked into the systems…there’s so many out there and so many people telling you that their way is the best way. 


There’s something that’s so much more important than all of the systems out there, and that’s story 


Every system can get you to the same place. What you need as an entrepreneur is to define your story, the vehicle that fits you best that’ll get you to the destination you’re striving to get to. 



What you’ll take away from today’s episode… 

 ????There are a thousand systems out there, but the one that works best for you depends upon YOU and your story. 

 ????The stories…who you are, what you tell yourself, your identity, those are the fuel that get you to your destination. 

 ????You have to start listening to the stories that you tell yourself, because your whole life, and your business, is built upon                those stories. 


Tune in now to learn to start recognizing how the stories you tell yourself are affecting your business. 



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