I want you to know the 5 Productivity Secrets that will get you back 2 hours each and every day!

I also want to share with you the 3 Habit Mastery Secrets that will make you the boss of your habits.

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Today on the Epic Success Podcast I discuss high-level ideas from my recent Productivity and Habit Master Class.

If you are interested in upping your productivity game and finally mastering those habits that keep you from achieving your goals, than this episode is for you.

In this episode you will discover:

>3 Habit Mastery Secrets

> How to use the power of your brain to master productivity and habits

>The myth of willpower

>The 21/66 day goal attainment

>Systems that make productivity a habit

>Five productivity secrets successful entrepreneurs implement

>Entrepreneur mindset

>Planning matrix

>Epic email system™

> Upside down “to-do” list

> Epic Audacious Goal™ and Airplane mode

It has not always been simple to be productive and achieve my goals. In fact, you may have been privy to my life when I was in the process of a complete meltdown. My tipping point came when I had four things in my life, which totally consumed me. I was passionate about all four and I did not want to give up any of them. I felt like I never had enough time and I was always letting someone down, including myself. I felt like balancing all the things that I cared about was impossible.

Ten years ago, I began to study under and be mentored by some of the greatest entrepreneurs of all time. I took their programs, participated in their masterminds, and studied them like my life depended on it. In that, I created what worked for someone like me, with family, kids, business, and passion projects. I discovered that achieving all the desires of my heart was possible- just as it is possible for you.

Here’s to you, Building an Epic Life and Business you LOVE!


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