Episode Two Is all about Goal Setting Systems that WORK!!
Grab a pencil and your FREE 12 Step Goal Setting Checklist and lets get to the roadmap to your EPIC life and Business!!

In this episode I share my own personal break down story of when I was sick of feeling like one area of my life was thriving and  another was flailing –  leaving things half done, and goals half achieved, and not being the wife and mom I wanted to be. I used that pain as a catalyst to creating the system I use today!

By the end of this episode you will have 12 well designed integrated goals written and ranked – which is a pivotal part of the process. This is NOT traditional goal setting that puts in on paper to never be seen or executed well – this is the first step of a whole system that actually makes making and achieving goals FUN!

God created you for a purpose. You have gifts and talents that only you have to share with the world. You have things you want to achieve and this time you will!

You will start seeing successes in your business, your marriage, your kids lives, and that dream that has been stirring in your heart! We dive into the thinking that has held you back in the past and how to harness that to work for you!

SO…grab that pencil – get your 12 Step Goal Setting Checklist and lets get busy designing the EPIC LIFE AND BUSINESS that you LOVE!

Grab your 12 Step Checklist here!