We are continuing our series in the 10 Coaching Secrets for a Wildly Successful Business.

Secret #1 we talked about finding your voice and in secret #2 we talked about that unique and special 1% that you have.

Are you ready to dig into secret #3? Me, too!

Secret #3: Listen to transform. 

Did you know that roughly 85% of what we have learned is through listening?

So, when we take this concept of listening to transform, we can really begin to understand our clients and how to better help them toward success.

I often see well-meaning coaches doing one of two things when coaching clients. First, they have a natural inclination to tell them what works for them and what they have done to overcome obstacles. Second, they try to shift a person’s perspective with linguistic terms. 

In both scenarios the client walks away feeling great, but ends up worse than before because their brain is not wired like yours and what works for you won’t always work for them. This then causes them to feel down and blame themselves when they aren’t met with success.

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • They don’t need coaching. They need transformation. Your clients don’t need more of the same thing. If those models and systems worked, they would have achieved the success they’re seeking. The only way they will see true transformation is to teach them how to neutralize and erase those thought patterns that are holding them back from the success they crave. They need to learn how to transform their minds to build success patterns. 
  • Clients are operating in automation. Clients are used to not hearing their narrative. These thoughts are on automation. Our families, friends, experiences have all shaped our thoughts on success and wealth and they’re typically on automation. That is why listening to transform is so crucial. As coaches, we ask guided questions to have the clients tell their stories. As they tell their stories to themselves, you can use their words back to them. You ask them what they want, what’s in the way, and what becomes possible when those blocks are removed. As they begin uncovering these truths, their next natural step is their realization that they need you as a coach to help them along the way. 
  • Transformation comes after revelation. You need to pull this out of your client by listening to them and using their words to have them clarify for themselves. This is giving them the gift and power to self coach. Resist telling them what you’ve done. You’re guiding them to build their own network to success in their brain. As they learn to rewire, success becomes natural and effortless.

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