Have you ever felt called to something that you KNOW is right for you – but the resistance you feel is so overwhelming that you can’t seem to step forward fully into that calling?

Do you often struggle to lean in and trust the process of growing your business because the results aren’t always immediate?

If you relate (even a little bit) to those two questions, this episode is for you!

This week on the Epic Success Podcast, I talk with my friend and Master NeuroCoach™ Instructor, Sarah Nykoruk. Sarah is an outstanding educational leader with an inspiring vision and over 20 years of experience as a teacher and coach for other teachers. Her story will inspire you and motivate you to step forward into your passion and calling – and I can’t wait to dive in today. Grab a pen and paper – you’re going to want to take notes!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “We can choose our thoughts.”

When a thought pops into our head, we typically take it at face value. And oftentimes, we believe the negative thoughts the most. Here’s the great news – it doesn’t have to be this way! We have the amazing power to choose our thoughts. Don’t stay in the trenches with those negative thoughts – you  can choose the thoughts that will serve you and let go of everything else. [20:08]

  • “The process is simple.”

If you trust the process, it will become easy – the key is slowing down long enough to do so. Listen into the episode to hear more about how to really lean into the process and possibility of truly rewiring your brain. [33:20]

How amazing is Sarah’s journey?

I’m so inspired by her story, and her testimonial on today’s episode is proof of the transformation that’s possible when you move past the resistance and trust the process.

As a Certified Master NeuroCoach™ Instructor, Sarah’s dream is to bring the NeuroCoaching Model™ into schools and classrooms world-wide to empower students, parents and educators to tap into the true power of their brains so they can innovate their practice and foster a culture of passion-led, whole-human learning centred around mental wellness, in which everyone thrives.

Connect with Sarah here on Instagram and Facebook to hear more about her incredible journey and coaching business!

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