Epic Success - Building a Thriving Business that Aligns with Your Values- Interview with Molly Richards - 005 - Dr Shannon Irvine

Epic Success Podcast Episode #5- Interview with Mompreneur and Motivator Molly Richards–How she built a thriving at home business that aligns with her values and how you can too!

In today’s episode, I chat with fitness and lifestyle coach, Molly Richards of Molly Richards Fit and the MomSanity Academy. Over the last 7 years, Molly has built a business that is not only successful but also aligns with her values and what is important to her family.

In this episodes, she shares:

  • how she built her organization with integrity
  • how she turned her pain into what fueled her launch
  • how mentors and personal development helped her grow to what she is today
  • the snowball effect of little successes
  • how finding your Tribe helps you grow towards being authentically you and achieving your full success.
  • The 4 specific things she did to grow her business from home.


Bonus! Molly is giving her Momsanity academy away for free to our listeners!!

MomSanity Academy:  http://www.momsanityacademy.com

This is a power packed interview that will help you take the steps you need in order to build an Epic life and business that you LOVE!!

Links from this episode:

Molly Richards Website: http://www.mollyrichardsfit.com

MomSanity Academy:  http://www.momsanityacademy.com

Connect with Molly: IG: @mollytrichards   Snapchat: @mollyrichards73


Eat that Frog by Brian Tracey

Chalene Johnson PUSH

Next week:

Mindset Mastery – How to go from barely surviving to thriving. Learn the neuro-science behind success and how you already have all that you need to Build the Epic Life and Business you Love within you. You will learn a process you can put to work today to move towards success finally!!

Coming soon:

I will be interviewing the incredible Dana Malstaff of Boss- Moms! She shares how she uses a One Bucket Approach to her business and life integration and how she built a raving fan community of over 20,000.

I will also be talking with the amazing Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income. His podcast reaches hundreds of thousands of people every week. He calls himself the crash test dummy of online business. He is also my personal mentor in the podcast and business building space.


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