Did you know, on average, a person makes over 30,000 decisions in a single day? 

And that’s just on average. 

As an entrepreneur, you’re faced with even more decision making as you navigate building your business.

Do you feel you just react to things that happen in your business and then quickly decide based on your emotions in that given moment? Or even feel like you can’t decide at all? 

… I’ve been guilty of this too…

And I know from personal experience that it can often feel like things are happening to us, leaving us feeling wildly out of control.

As much as I know you are wanting to become the creator of your thoughts and life, it can often feel like the decisions you’re faced with are largely out of your control.

Truth is, those decisions that you’re making are created from thoughts, and you have 100% control over your thoughts. All your decisions create your reality. 

This week on the Epic Success Podcast, I want to empower you to take control of your decisions by taking control of your thoughts. There is magic when you decide what you no longer want to believe, then take actionable steps to start building new neural-pathways so that you can adopt the beliefs you want in your life.

If you’re ready to shift from excuses to empowering decisions and actions, buckle up and listen in!

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “You are always deciding to advocate for either your limiting beliefs or future self.” 

You are always advocating for the decision that will either take you to where you want to be or keep you held back. You’re always deciding how you perceive success, failure, love, money – everything. The interpretation that you give each situation is a decision. [2:46]

  • “Deciding in advance gives your brain what it needs in order to help you continue to make that decision become reality.”

You’ve got to decide in advance how you’re going to fail, how you’re going to show up, how you’re going to navigate challenges. Why? Because if you want a life you’ve never had before, you have to do things you’ve never done before. If you really want that new reality to stick, you’ve got to start by building neural-networks of success in your brain. [6:11]

  • “How you perceive every good and not-so-good thing in your life – the interpretation you give it is a decision.”

The key to building neural-networks for success in your brain is to understand that everything is an interpretation and that you get to decide. You can then interpret things through the filter that you want to versus just the filter that’s been there since childhood. [7:11]

The only thing holding you back is the story you’re deciding to believe that is not serving you anymore. 

It’s time to go out and decide today what it is you really want and take one action towards it. 

Start training your brain now and take even one step towards what you want (think your business, or your family, or your life).  

This will create the momentum, and then the success you’re after.

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