Do you ever get stuck in the planning and strategy cycle but struggle to take action and gain momentum? When you get a wave of inspiration, does it often fall flat before it even has a chance to thrive?

This week on the Epic Success Podcast I have Evan Carmichael who reaches people who aren’t sure if they *can* and helps them turn their thinking around, take action, and truly believe. Evan has profiled the most successful people on the planet and found their common core is belief.

Today, I just want you to believe. To push through your fears, take immediate action, and truly believe in your dreams.

Key take-aways from this episode:

  • “Your purpose comes from your pain.”

I agree with Evan that, the thing that will drive you the most is that which has pained you or challenges you the most and then helping others through that pain. Listen in to hear Evan share some of the struggles he’s had in his entrepreneurial life that now fuels his purpose and business. [2:02]

  • “I believe the very first thing that you should do after you set a goal is to take immediate action. Not think, plan, or strategize, but action to make a 2% difference.”

Instead of planning your way to figure out how to hit the 100% goal, take action to get 2% of the way. The decisions that you make when you’re feeling bold and confident are the right ones for you – take action immediately. [9:00]

  • “If you feel called to do something, just do it, and don’t judge the idea.”

When you have an idea, it’s given to you for a reason and you need to take immediate action. Taking that action builds belief and momentum and gives you the runway to improve. Evan aims to inject belief in people on a daily basis and breaks down belief into 3 core tenets. [14:56]

It’s inspiring to see how Evan has made it his mission to help entrepreneurs combine belief & action to live out their purpose. I would love to hear your biggest take-away from this episode and what immediate, inspired action you are taking in your business and life!

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