💰🎙️ Rich Bitch, Podcaster & Firestarter: Interview with Angie Lee Part 1

💰🎙️ Rich Bitch, Podcaster & Firestarter: Interview with Angie Lee Part 1


Podcaster. Life coach. Business Bestie. Firestarter.

All of these words can only describe the hilarious Angie Lee and her Rich Bitch movement of motivated and driven boss babes. We are incredible lucky to have her here on the Epic Success Podcast, because she is going to inspire us with us her incredible story:



These are the “can’t miss” highlights:

  • How she went from a dorm-room health blogger to bad-ass business and life coach.
  • How she skyrocketed her way out of $100,000 in debt to a 7-figure empire (all under the age of 30!).
  • Why it is important to create consistent content on social media (without relying of spammy ads).
  • And why you should embrace being silly, goofy and real to your audience (it will pay off!).


The best part of Angie is that she dedicated to sharing her story and showing women how to

upgrade their relationship with money from loser ex-boyfriend to George Clooney. Her genius is

helping women live a rich life, in their business, health and relationships. I encourage you to

connect with her using the links below, and tune in next week for Part 2 of Angie’s interview on

the Epic Success Podcast.


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