Epic Success Podcast

Build Your Epic Life and Business Podcast with Dr Shannon Irvine

I have been an entrepreneur since I was 20 years old. I am the founder of  Mosaic Vision Ministries, a non profit that helps AIDS orphans in Uganda for the last 12 years. I am also a doctor of neuropsychology.

Here is the deal. My family comes first. I didn’t want to sacrifice them and I wanted to be there for all the kids events and be present.

I became obsessed in learning how all the high achievers were successful. I learned how they approached personal development, goal setting,  motivation, time management, scheduling, habit, and leadership. I then experimented until I developed a way of approaching success in a fully integrated way which gave me the results I was looking for. A successful life to me wasn’t just financial – it is also being present for my family and putting them first and honoring God in all I do.

This podcast is dedicated to bringing you new integrative way to set goals, change habits, build your business, and go for your dreams!! Here is the deal – most goal setting and personal development and motivational systems on the market are segmented and non integrated – which makes it extremely difficult to get results!!

I want to pass on what I know works and help others be able to pursue their dreams and businesses in a way that honors God and family and the dreams and businesses we have! Love that podcasting is a way I can do that!!