Branding Your Business The Right Way: Interview with Chris Beltran

Branding Your Business The Right Way: Interview with Chris Beltran

You’re eager to set up or level up your own business. You want to dive in and design your pro website and logo… but do you know your ideal audience??? Whether you are starting out or you’ve already hit your 5-Figure goal, your brand is a game-changer when it comes to setting yourself up for success and reaching your tribe!  


Chris Beltran, Digital Creative, is on the Epic Success Podcast today to guide you in re-aligning your brand to your values and audience! Chris is my personal branding expert and has shifted my brand from home-spun entrepreneur to a High-Level message matching how I best serve my tribe. You’ll get to see his genius influence in my soon-to-be-debuted new website!  


Chris is passionate about helping entrepreneurs optimize their designs and create a visual vibe to attract the right audience! Ready to re-vamp your brand? Let’s get started! 



The biggest takeaways from today’s episode are: 

–      “Build an emotional connection with your audience, not just a visual connection” 

Before picking your colors and your design template, define your ideal audience. Who are you serving and how will your brand bring in the right people for your message? What do you want them to experience when they see your website, socials, and logo? Focus on their struggles and limiting beliefs. What solutions can you offer them and how will you impact their lives? [4:09] 

–      “Captivate your audience” 

Your visual imagery must draw them in and your copy should make them feel understood. It is better to be clear than clever. Create a clear message aligned to your business’ core values and customize design templates to your brand. Consistent colors and designs make it easier for potential clients to find, follow, and buy your product or service. [7:07] 

–      “Don’t wait until you ‘feel’ ready” 

Instead of waiting until you reach an arbitrary level of success, start building your brand as you build your business from the inside out. Come from a place of abundance and, with the support and guidance from experts, prepare your message for the audience you desire. Even if you’re at 5 Figures, it’s time to think like a 7-Figure Entrepreneur! [18:01] 


As you create your Epic Business, customize your branding to engage your desired audience. Your brand should clearly communicate your business values and represent how you serve your clients in their own goals in life and business. Bring your vision to life through your brand and get your genius out into the world! 


Connect with Chris and join his Brand Camp full of community-based interactive trainings and guidance from Chris himself on levelling up your brand!   


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