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Introducing your roadmap for achieving your dream business

The Epic Success Podcast introduces you to proven, integrated methods for building a business, setting goals, changing habits, and crafting a life you love — all through tapping into the power of your brain.

With my years of experience, my PhD in neuropsychology, my unique neuroachievement™ process, and the wisdom of my guests all at your earbuds, you’ll create epic success like you never could have imagined.

Who Is Dr. Shannon Irvine?

Who Is Dr. Shannon Irvine?

To all of my Entrepreneurs out there, have you ever thought: “What is the secret to that person’s successful life AND business? What is different about them?”.    Well, I am right there with you! These exact thoughts led me down an unexpected but exciting path that...

Live Coaching Session with Dr. Shannon Irvine

Live Coaching Session with Dr. Shannon Irvine

Question for all of my Entrepreneurs! Do you have a fear of failure behind your decisions on growing your business? Are you worried about being judged if you make a mistake or your business does not thrive and reach that next level?     You are not alone! Every...

Your Brain Power with Dr. Shannon Irvine

Your Brain Power with Dr. Shannon Irvine

Are you ready?? Are you tired of your business not being at the level you desire? Do you wish you knew the behind-the-scenes actions of the successful people in your niche so you too could crush your goals and reach that next level?     Ready to unlock the secret...

Your HeartCore Business: Interview with Shanda Sumpter

Your HeartCore Business: Interview with Shanda Sumpter

Entrepreneurs and Coaches, grab a pencil and paper to take notes and hold onto your hats because there is so much mind-blowingly great advice in this episode of the Epic Success Podcast!     Are you ready to transform your financial future and live your most joyful...

Great show! Helped change my life around!

I would still be feeling lost and guessing what my next step should be if I hadn’t found Dr Shannon Irvine’s podcast a few months ago. The insight and knowledge shared by the show’s host and guests were essential to start seeing things under a new perspective and, more importantly, to begin acting differently — especially in those areas I needed the most: mindset, goal setting and productivity.

Real and genuine

It’s so obvious how much passion Dr. Shannon has for helping others to achieve their goals and the life they desire. With her neuroscience background, she offers great insights on habit formation and other actionable steps to move forward in life and business.

Like having brunch with the experts

Not only does Dr. Shannon Irvine deliver experts and incredible advice for business and life in her podcast, but her interview structure presents an ease that makes you feel like you are sitting with her interviewees at the brunch table, listening to an amazing conversation!


Dr. Shannon brings an angle to the business marketing world which fills a gap and is greatly needed. This is no-nonsense success tips that are easy to implement.

It's truly epic!!!

If you’re an entrepreneur, this is the show for you! We all want EPIC success, and Dr. Shannon Irvine has lined up interviews with fantastic business leaders that you’re sure to enjoy.

Feeling inspired!

I am so thankful for this podcast! Each episode encourages me to take steps towards tackling my big goals. Often when I listen, I feel like Dr. Shannon is my personal mentor giving me advice to be the best “me” I can be.

Making an impact

Dr. Shannon’s Epic Success Podcast is not only motivational and inspirational, it offers practical and wise guidance for business success and life success. The Epic Success Podcast is on my must-listen-to list every week.

Passion & drive

Dr. Shannon is a woman full of integrity, out to create a better world of successful entrepreneurs. She has a genuine heart to help, a realism that helps you get through any challenge, and robust business acumen to carry you through successfully taking your business to the next level. Her drive is contagious!

Choose your path to epic success

Not sure where to begin? I’ve compiled all of my strategies and interviews into curated categories that will jumpstart your journey to a 7-figure business. Choose the area where you’d like the most help to get started.

Never miss a single breakthrough

You’re only one dream away from living the life you were designed to live. With invaluable tips and insights in every episode, make sure you listen in every week.