“Work harder.” “Keep hustling.” “Give it your 110%”. You’ve heard iterations of these phrases and have probably repeated them back to yourself whenever your balancing act of business, family, and life feels impossible to manage.  


What if I told you that this Entrepreneurial Mindset could be different? That you could move past striving and start thriving?  


My mentor, James Wedmore, joins me today on the Epic Success Podcast to teach you how to see Entrepreneurship from the inside out! James trains Digital Entrepreneurs to market their business effectively and generate more revenue, all while reintroducing FUN into their business plans! As founder of his signature program Business by Design and his Mind Your Business podcast, he focuses on practical tips to lead a higher quality of life and business.   


James mentored me when I started to take my offline business online. In a matter of 9 months, I was doing 6-Figure Launches without the stress and overwhelm suffered by so many others. In addition, James and I share a love for all things “mind your business” related… especially neuro-hacking! Listen in to my interview on James’ podcast all about tapping into the power of the brain to hardwire your business! 


James is a dedicated and driven mentor to me and numerous other High-Level Entrepreneurs, and he can’t wait for you to flip the switch to start living your best life! 



The biggest take-aways from this episode are:  

–      “There is no direct correlation between working hard and being successful.” 

Your Path to Success is influenced by the stories you carry from your childhood and education system. Doubts about your abilities and gifts are born from the environment in which you were raised. You do not need to prove that you are enough or worthy of Entrepreneurship. Rather than let fear drive you into inaction, you must take each piece of the puzzle as it comes and have the courage to move on to that next step. [7:12] 

–      “There is no such thing as failure.” 

Experience is the ultimate education. Be grateful for “failures”. Every mistake is a learning opportunity that guides you to what works best for your business. You learn the lesson you need in the moment to improve your business. Reframe your mindset as to what you want out of your business and reflect on what you have learned from each experience. [16:21] 

–      “Most people stay at the level they’re at because they refuse to change.”  

Acknowledge that there is a lesson to be learned before you can level up in your business. It could be an internal doubt or old story that is holding you back. Rewire your thinking and confront that “inner bad boss” to break free of your own limiting beliefs. You will encounter new challenges as you continue to level up, but you will be a stronger and experienced Entrepreneur ready to crush your new goals! [21:28] 


Stay tuned in to hear how James himself deals with frustrations while running a Multi-7-Figure business! 


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Entrepreneurship does not have to be an overwhelming hamster wheel of stress while you try to find the latest strategy or flashy new tool to get your business where you want it to be. Reconnect with your vision and celebrate the wins that move you closer to your goals. Learn from the perceived failures and realize the value of those experiences as they mold your Entrepreneurial Mindset. Be courageous in realizing your full potential and harness the power of your mind to neural-hack your way to success! 



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