Everything seems upside down, unsure, and honestly a bit scary. The coronavirus has taken our “normal” away and I’ve been right there with you.

If you are spinning  with fear, I want to help choose what you think and control the uncontrollable. Right now, you are creating your future with your thoughts.

Think about this: so many of the entrepreneurs we look up to right now started from the time of H1N1 and the previous market crash. The most uncertain of times – and they chose to RISE.

In today’s episode of the Epic Success Podcast, I share three things you can do today to bulletproof your future. I am so impassioned to help you rise with resilience, uplevel during uncertainty, and become the creator of your thoughts and future now!

Rise. Pivot. Start.

Let this be the time when you choose to kill the ANTS (Automated Negative Thoughts) even when things are not in your control. Let’s dive in.

The biggest take-aways from today’s episode are:

  • “Resilience is not not having the fear.

It’s natural that you have moment(s) of fear. Courage is saying “yeah, I have fear, now what?” How can you rise up, serve, shift to solution-oriented leadership, and decide how you are going to react. If you hold onto the fear, it will create your future failure. Instead, Face Everything And Rise. [8:12]

  • What do your people need right now?

So often entrepreneurs say “what does my business need?” No, what do your people need? This is the time to rise up as a leader and serve. Your people need you for such a time as this. When you lean into service and generosity, the challenge and uncertainty fades into the background. [13:12]

  • “Pivot out of inspiration.

If you do not decide in advance, you will pivot out of fear and confusion instead of out of inspiration. Ask yourself “do I need to pivot or do I stay the course?” “What do my people need and how can I serve them best in this season?” These are questions that create inspiration. [19:37]

Get observant. Get intuitive about what your people need. Decide to take a stand and RISE. Show up for your people.

Times like this heighten our desire and need to do things differently. Become a better version of yourself. Step into the version of yourself that you’ve been hiding from.

Rise. Pivot. Start.

I am creating a free mini-course to help you use your brain as a superpower for creating courage & resilience, upleveling in uncertainty and for creating your future NOW. If you’re not yet on the Epic Success Tribe list, join it now at www.drshannonirvine.com to get access to this free mini-course I will be delivering live through March and April. It’s time to RISE.

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“Passion, genuine, authentic, and power-packed are the first few words that pop in my head. Check out her podcast. Great guests too!

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