Are YOU Ready to Train Your Brain to TRANSFORM Your Business?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the endless hustle of growing your business and still getting lackluster results, then it’s time to scale your business by leveraging a brain-based approach to create massive 7-figure results

There’s a simple reason why you keep hitting walls in your business.

 Pay attention, because you don’t want to stay trapped in the thinking that is holding you back in your business.

The average entrepreneurs are not afraid of hard work. But they also struggle to create the wildly successful business they’re dreaming of. They hustle and sacrifice, but they forget to focus on the one thing that will guarantee their success.


Before I dive in, does any of this sound familiar?

  • You’re working overtime every day, but your growth is frustratingly slow. You never seem to have the time or money to finish everything.
  • You feel pulled in every direction, unable to keep up with your workload or hit your goals.
  • You’re overwhelmed by how much there is to do and you’re tired of hustling for success, leaving you with no idea how to prioritize your goals.
  • It’s been ages since you enjoyed guilt-free time with your family, your hobbies, and your passion projects without being glued to your notifications.
  • You know you’re meant for more, and are frustrated that you haven’t yet created the impact and lifestyle you crave.
  • Your dreams of a seven-figure business are looking less realistic by the day, leaving you overwhelmed and burnt out.
  • You constantly catch yourself saying things like, “I’m not sure I have what it takes,” and “I’m afraid of what people will say.”

If you’ve nodded yes to most of these you now know why your business is stuck. The thinking that got you to where you are is NOT the thinking you will need to get to the next level.

Here’s the good news: More hustle isn’t the answer. You don’t have any more time, energy, or resources to give. You need to break the cycle of endless to-do lists. You need to stop constantly hunting for the “one thing” that will give you all the answers.

You’re more than ready for epic success. You just need help finding the path, before you burn out completely.

So why are you stuck in this place?

Because your brain isn’t wired for entrepreneurship.

It’s time to

It’s Time to Train Your Brain to TRANSFORM Your Business

  • The way your mind works — what I call your internal operating system — is based on subconscious thoughts that have been reinforced throughout your entire life (making these patterns hard to break)
  • This operating system wants to keep you safe and alive, not successful and happy (which means your brain is tricking you into staying where you are instead of growing).
  • As a result, you create more work for yourself, struggle to make decisions, and constantly feel overworked, frustrated, and exhausted (and yet your business never seems to advance).

Your operating system is no longer serving you. Instead of allowing you to create epic success, it’s forcing you to…

  • Work in your business, rather than on your business, making it impossible to get off the hamster wheel of work.
  • Take on every single task, instead of leveraging a team to support you, depriving you of personal time.
  • Struggle with every decision, wasting valuable time, money, and energy, and leaving you constantly second-guessing yourself.
  • Wonder if those seven-figure successes have something you don’t, because clearly you’re missing something.

This is NOT your fault. You didn’t know your thinking was on autopilot—you’ve just been stuck using old strategies that no longer serve you. Now it’s time to level up.

Every entrepreneur begins their business with their old operating system in place. Without knowing any better, they listen to their subconscious mind as it tells them to stay safe, protected, and alive.

As a result, most entrepreneurs never make it far outside of their comfort zone. They never take strategic risks or stretch themselves enough to create epic success. This is why the vast majority—a whole 98% of entrepreneurs—fail and stop in their first 2 years.

But now you know there’s a better way.

You know your results are dependent on your way of thinking—so you must become the creator of empowering thoughts. Until now, you’ve been stuck in an old routine of more work, more hustle, and more band-aid strategies.

Your old operating system has been holding you back.

And now it’s time for an upgrade.

When you upgrade your operating system and train your brain for epic success, you unlock a completely new way of looking at your business.

Taking the time to reprogram your internal operating system makes all the difference. Here’s what happens:

  • Decision making is effortless, and you instantly know where to put your time, money, and energy (instead of feeling confused, drained, and overwhelmed).
  • Seven-figure success becomes inevitable, because you know what to focus on and how to create automated results (instead of struggling to stay afloat).
  • Goals are accomplished with ease, because you’re prioritizing, outsourcing, and automating like a true CEO (instead of feeling like you’re constantly raising the bar out of reach).
  • “Visionary” becomes your middle name, allowing you to create the future you dream of for yourself and your business (instead of staying stuck in the work).
  • You have more time for your friends, family, and self, because your business is designed to create personal freedom (instead of chaining you to your notifications).

Consider this your permission slip to transform your dreams into reality.

You can claim the next level of success. You can step into thinking and acting like a 7-figure entrepreneur now, allowing you to become one.

You don’t need to work endlessly in your business for the rest of your life. You can make a bigger impact, work with dream clients, and stay true to who you are and what you value.

You need to upgrade your internal operating system so it works with you instead of against you.

When you do, you’ll finally break through what’s currently holding you back from more results, more sales, and more profit (without sacrificing your personal life).

You’ll have clarity and focus, so you know you’re making the best possible decision for your life and business, every time (without ever second-guessing yourself again).

Everything you think, say, and do will allow you to perform at a high level, just like the most successful entrepreneurs.

And you’ll have the freedom to hire, automate, and outsource, taking you from vision to decision with ease (so you can be the CEO visionary you’re meant to be).

That is what an epic life looks like. That is what it means to have an epic business and life you love.

It’s waiting for you. Are you ready to seize it?

Your success is all in your mind – literally!

What if I told you that the secret to having an epic life is all in the way you think and process?

Every project you take on, every process you create, every hire you make, and every success you celebrate can all be traced back to the internal operating system that is your mind.

What you think informs your actions, and how you act informs your reality. This is the foundation of neuropsychology, and the key to transforming your life.

So how would the wildly successful version of you think, act, and perform?  How would you show up in your business?

Probably not the way you’re thinking, acting, or performing right now. And that’s why you’re not getting ahead.

If you want to create radical change and see epic results, you need to uncover your old, limiting stories and rewrite them. Only then can you embrace a powerful, 7-figure mindset.

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

Through my proven  NeuroCoaching Model  strategies, you will uplevel your thinking to create the level of success you desire, the impact you were called to have, and the life you imagined when this all began.

Your creativity, drive, and passion are beautiful gifts, and you’re here to share them with the world in a powerful way.

All of that old programming is holding you back and it can be reprogrammed.

And when it is, you’ll be able to create a wildly successful business on autopilot, spend more time with your loved ones, and reap the reward of exponential clients, sales, results, and profit.

How, you ask?

Through a simple, tested framework that will turn your limiting beliefs into empowering truths.

When you program your brain for success, you’ll be able to accomplish your goals with ease, put your productivity on autopilot, and allow you to work on your business, not in your business.

You can train your brain to think and focus and produce at the next level, exactly like a 7-figure entrepreneur.

You can remove the limiting beliefs from your subconscious for good.

And you can become the entrepreneur you’re called to be.

All you have to do is upgrade your internal operating system and become the version of yourself that thinks, acts, and scales to seven figures.

And that’s what the Epic Success Academy will teach you to do.

The Epic Success Academy will show you how to think, act and become a 7-figure entrepreneur.

Leverage the #1 tactical advantage of successful entrepreneurs—their way of thinking—and finally achieve the epic success you’ve been envisioning for yourself and your business.

The Epic Success Academy is a virtual program that will show you how to rewire your brain to create repeatable success.

You’ll learn how to scale your business and accomplish any goal, anytime, taking you from overwhelm and frustration and allowing you to ramp up your revenue and get you where you’re destined to be.

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

Through the Epic Success Academy, you will:

  • Make massive progress in your business and life by identifying what’s currently holding you back within your old operating system.
  • Become a productivity master by adopting the mindset and strategies of an epically successful entrepreneur.
  • Create continued, repeatable success so you can stop hitting walls once and for all, finally thinking and acting like a 7-figure entrepreneur—so you become one.
  • Hit every goal you set, no matter how audacious, by breaking it down into a manageable action plan.
  • Kick overwhelm to the curb for good, by creating a bulletproof productivity plan that allows you to work on your business instead of in your business.
  • Automate, outsource, and scale without sacrificing your personal time and energy, by applying your 7-figure mindset to everything you do within your business.

Graduates of the Epic Success Academy have created incredibly success for themselves, breaking through to 7 and even 8 figures in their businesses while reclaiming their freedom.

I would easily pay $10,000 for Epic Success Academy, I can directly associate over 2.5 million dollars in business growth in the first 6 months of working with Dr. Shannon and this program.

~ Carl Allen

Entrepreneur, investor, deal-maker

This has been a game-changer for me. I’ve always been driven, but I didn’t have a framework for setting and accomplishing goals. Now I build momentum every single day.

~ Melissa Monte

Host of Mind Love podcast

Dr. Shannon had me identify my self-limiting beliefs and counteract them with empowering beliefs. I’ve become more patient with myself and have made slow & steady progress towards what I believe is God’s purpose for my life.

~ Wendy Baker

Host of Start with Love Sundays podcast

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

Everyone should learn the methods taught in the Epic Success Academy. The awareness of how I can rewire my brain to become a 7-figure entrepreneur has been priceless!”

~ Lauren Loper

The Epic Success Academy is a virtual program that guides you, step by step, through reprogramming your mind, using the principles of neuroscience. Once you finish, you’ll have everything you need to build the life and business you desire.

Once you are enrolled in the Epic Success Academy, you’ll be able to permanently rewire your brain for success in all areas, allowing you to spend more time with your family, to pursue hobbies and passion projects, and to tackle every single goal with confidence.

So what does enrolling in the Epic Success Academy give you?

5 Brain Training Modules to teach you how to rewire your mind’s operating system so that you can create the success you want:

Module 1: Your Epic Achievement Mindset™️

To become an epic success, you must first learn to think like one.

Your current mindset—your current operating system—is holding you back. In trying to keep you safe and alive, it’s preventing you from taking the strategic risks that will help you achieve your dreams.

In this module, you’ll dive into your current mindset and learn how to rewire your brain for success. You’ll discover…

  • How to identify your old, limiting thoughts and beliefs so you can set them aside.
  • The proven process for remapping your brain so you can be successful in all you do.
  • How to turn your mindset into your competitive advantage within your marketplace.

Once you know what’s possible for your life, it’s time to create goals that set you up for success.

Module 2: Your Epic Goal-Setting System™️

You know how some people seem to achieve all their goals? They have the career, family, and lifestyle they’ve always wanted. And it all seems to come to them so easily.

It’s not because they got lucky or had the right connections. It’s because they used proven strategies that leverage the power of their mind to set and accomplish their goals.

In this module, you’ll discover why your current goals feel like insurmountable walls, and how to create goals that you can achieve with ease. You’ll learn…

  • A repeatable strategy for accomplishing thousands of goals, including shattering the 7-Figure Ceiling.
  • The methods for transforming personal and professional goals into actionable plans, not just dreams.
  • How to outsource the right pieces of your goals to make achieving them even easier.

Once you’ve mastered the art of setting goals, it’s time to focus on your one Epic, Audacious Goal.

Module 3: Optimize for Epic Success

Think about your Epic, Audacious Goal. It’s a goal that’s bigger than all your others. You’ve probably had it for so long, it feels impossible. Insurmountable.

Good news: The Epic Goal Setting System can help you achieve even your Epic, Audacious Goal. It’s no different from any other goals!

Within Module 3, you’ll discover the proven strategy to clearing your pathway for success. You’ll find out…

  • How to reconnect with your Epic, Audacious Goal—the one goal that supersedes all others.
  • The strategies for achieving it, so you can finally have the life you desire.
  • How to optimize your business and life planning framework so you turn your Epic, Audacious Goal into a compass to systematically achieve your dreams in all areas of your life.

Now that you know your direction, it’s time to take small steps every day that move the needle.

Module 4: Systematize Your Epic Daily Growth

While our goals may take some dedicated time to achieve, what really matters is what we do on a daily basis.

Austin Kleon says, “Forget about decades, forget about years, and forget about months. Focus on days.” Decades, years, and months are too big for our minds to focus on. Instead, if we make just a little bit of forward progress every day, we’re always getting closer to our goals.

In Module 4, you’ll learn why every day matters, as well as…

  • How to break down your newly prioritized and well-defined goals into actionable, daily steps.
  • Which steps to outsource and automate, so you make progress without expending extra effort.
  • How to harness the power of your new mindset, the science of neurology, and the expertise of other high-level entrepreneurs to ensure your action steps succeed—not just once, but over and over.

Once you’re maximizing the potential in each day, it’s time to create your roadmap for epic, scaleable success.

Module 5: Your Roadmap for Scaling Success

If you’ve ever wondered why your vision for your life and business hasn’t become reality, you aren’t alone. Every year, people make life maps and write out vision statements… and then nothing changes.

That’s because these visions aren’t grounded in the principles of neuropsychology. When you root your dreams in Your Epic Achievement Mindset and the tools you learn in The Epic Goal Setting System, you’ll be able to create a roadmap for scalable success.

In Module 5, you’ll discover how to go from Dreams 2 Goals 2 Launch when you…

  • Map out your future using key action items and an abundant achievement mindset.
  • Determine a time frame for your accomplishments that makes sense for you.
  • Put your upgraded mindset to work continuously refining the way you think so it can support you as you grow.

With the powerful materials inside the Epic Success Academy (which you have lifetime access to!), you’ll have everything you need to hardwire your mind for epic success.

When you join the VIP Group Coaching Option, you’ll gain deep support on your journey through…

12 Weeks of Live, Interactive
Mindset & Business Coaching

to give you targeted, personalized help as you work through the Epic Success Academy

Fast-track your success with personalized, in-depth feedback as you work through the Epic Success Academy. You’ll receive 12 weeks of intimate live coaching, where I’ll help you pinpoint what’s holding you back, identify how to move forward, and make epic progress on your goals.

We’ll dive deeper into a topic designed to help you go further faster, followed by a ‘hotseat style’ session where you’ll have the opportunity to ask your specific questions. You’ll receive 1:1 feedback from me, learn from your peers, and grow faster than you could ever imagine.

There’s so much more to the Epic Success Academy than the course itself. Whether you take advantage of the personalized support in the VIP Live Group Coaching Option or choose to follow the Self Study Option, you’ll also receive…

Videos and Exercises

to walk you through every module and give you questions for reflection

You’ll gain access to powerful videos and exercises within each module of the Epic Success Academy to ground your learning and help you begin taking strategic action. Each lesson will only take 15-20 minutes to complete.

Live Q&A Sessions

…to help you achieve your goals, scale your business, and reclaim your life

Once a month, you’ll have access to me through a Facebook Live Q&A session, where I’ll expand upon the materials within the Academy, allowing you to put the concepts you’ve learned into practice in your business and life.

In-Depth Worksheets

…to help you dig deep and gain the most from your experience

Accompanying the module videos and exercises is an in-depth guidebook. Its templates, tutorials, and worksheets will allow you to expand upon the lessons taught within the Academy, inviting you to do the deep work that will permanently upgrade your operating system.

Super-Engaged Community Access

…so you can connect with other high-achievers

The most successful entrepreneurs know that no one is an island; we make our biggest breakthroughs when we have the support of a powerful community. When you join the Epic Success Academy, you’ll join an exclusive group of entrepreneurs who are committed to cultivating a powerful, success-driven mindset while supporting one another.

The Epic Success Academy will show you exactly how to think, act, and perform at the next level—so you can step out of overwhelm and frustration and finally achieve the epic, 7-figure success you deserve.

Start programming your 7-figure mindset for success today!

All you need is a shift in perspective.

I’m Dr. Shannon Irvine, and I’m living proof that you can’t hustle your way to success.

As a serial entrepreneur, I was a hard worker. But assuming hard work was the key to “making it” cost me big time. I spent more time in my business than with my family. There was always more to do, but there was no evidence that the hard work was actually helping my business grow past a certain point.

And I wasn’t the only person being held back. I noticed entrepreneurs everywhere starting out with high hopes of working and enjoying their life. However, they all hit the same wall. Their business success hit a ceiling, and all the hours they were putting in were costing them their personal lives.

Something had to change.

So I hired mentors, dove into research, and earned a Ph.D. in neuropsychology.

My studies confirmed my suspicions: How we think can hold us back.

Somehow we all had tricked ourselves into believing that hustle was the answer, when hustle just left us exhausted and empty-handed.

So I started applying the principles of neuropsychology to my business and my clients’ businesses. The neuroachievement framework I’d developed worked, time and time again. My clients and I all started working fewer hours and watched our businesses skyrocket. Business became fun and light again, and it was a joy to see the impact each of us were creating. We rekindled relationships, spent more time with kids, and all became more of who we truly were.

After creating the impact and results that I was after and replicating that success with my clients, I created the Epic Success Academy. Within the Academy, I show you how to tap into the power of your internal operating system so that you can have a business that is thriving and a life you love!

The Epic Success Academy has helped me combat the negative thoughts that used to poison my success. Breaking down goals into actionable steps is now EASY!

~ Lisa Manning

Speaker and creator of Encouraging Women

The Epic Success Academy isn’t for everyone

I’ll be honest. While anyone is capable of rewiring their brain for success, the Epic Success Academy is designed with a very specific person in mind. The people who have gone through the program take the process of upgrading their internal operating system to heart… and as a result, they see massive results.

The Epic Success Academy is not for someone who thinks they can simply make a list of goals and check them off without doing the inner work first.

It’s not for someone who looks for external blame when they hit internal roadblocks. Remember: the way you think creates your reality.

And it is not for those who are looking for a surface-level, band-aid training, strategy, or quick tip.

You have to be willing to dig deep and look at who you are, so you can make real changes to how you operate. Only then will you be able to stop feeling overwhelmed, unfocused, and stressed out. Only then will you be able to paint a clear picture of success that can be repeated, outsourced, and automated.

If you’re ready to transform your habits, mindset, and systems so you can possess the unshakeable mindset of epic success, you know better than to make excuses.

You know that the key to becoming a productivity powerhouse starts by looking inward and leaning on scientifically proven strategies that dive deep and make substantial, life-altering changes.

In short, you have to be willing to learn and implement. You must be committed to taking a deep look inside before you can change your outside circumstances. If you’re not on board with that, the Epic Success Academy won’t work for you. You’ll be stuck working more, not less, and you’ll never turn your unique vision into a reality.

But if you’re prepared to shift your perspective for powerful results, then the Epic Success Academy is waiting for you.

If you’re ready to commit to your epic business growth, here’s my promise to you:

The fastest way to have the business and life you want is by hardwiring your internal operating system so you think, decide and perform as the highest version of yourself.

The Epic Success Academy provides you with everything you need to change your thinking, your business and your life. I’m confident that my NeuroCoaching™ method for rewiring your brain is what will take you to the next level.

Of course, at the end of the day, you need to be willing to look deep inside and make changes to see results. Those who have followed my framework, done the work and taken the time to upgrade their internal operating system have seen incredible results. They’ve hit 7 and 8 figures in their business, taken more time for their family, and amplified their impact.

If you do the work, you will see results. If you don’t do the work, you can’t expect to make progress.

We can’t guarantee monetary results

I have clarity on the right steps to take for my goals! For the first time ever in my life, I finally understand how to break down something that feels huge and overwhelming, and I know I can tackle it chunk by chunk.

~ Jenny Palmer

It is TIME to create YOUR Epic Success!

It’s time to turn your business into a thriving success that creates epic impact and changes lives

If you’re ready to scale your business, create massive success, and spend your time the way you want to, then the Epic Success Academy is made for you.

When you enroll in the VIP Live Mindset and Business Group Coaching Option of the Epic Success Academy, you’ll unlock:

  • 12-weeks of live, interactive coaching, where you get targeted, personalized help as you work through the Epic Success Academy (Value: $10,000)

And all members of the Epic Success Academy, both VIP and Self Study, will receive:

  • 5 powerful modules that guide you through my neuroachievement framework, so you can create epic success in your business and life (Value: $8,000)
  • Monthly Q&A Sessions where you can receive more in-depth feedback on your progress (Value: $1500)
  • Detailed worksheets to help you dig deep and gain the most from your experience (Value: $900)
  • Super-engaged community access so you can connect with other high-achievers (Value: $600)
  • Lifetime access to the Academy, and to all future updates, so you can continue to focus on creating sustainable success for yourself (Value: Priceless)

What has worked for you so far won’t keep working.

You might be tempted to ignore the opportunity to join the Epic Success Academy and instead continue trying to hustle your way to success. After all, it got you to where you are today.

But what got you where you are won’t get you where you’re going. If you continue down that path, you’ll only continue to hit walls. You’ll keep falling short of your goals and struggling to figure out how to get to the next level. Frustration and overwhelm will be your day-to-day burdens.

You simply can’t create more hours in your week, stretch yourself further, or sacrifice more of your personal time for your business.

It’s time to create a truly integrated life.

A life where your life and your business work in tandem to support your dreams. One where your goals are fully accomplished, your dreams take center stage, and your relationships are your highest priority.

You know you’re at a tipping point. You’re standing on the threshold of something big. You know it’s time for an upgrade.

This will be the game changer you’ve been looking for! Dr. Shannon lays out an easy plan to get you into ACTION mode! She will give you the steps to get the results you’ve been looking for! PHENOMENAL!

~ Marcia Geary

Choose your path and commit to your 7-figure success

  • 12-weeks of live, interactive mindset and business coaching, with 1:1 strategy, live ‘hot seat style’ coaching, and more, so you can get targeted, personalized help as you work through the Epic Success Academy (Value: $10,000)
  • 5 modules with powerful lessons to teach you the ins and outs of my Neuroachievement™ method so you can apply it to your life (Value: $8,000)
  • Live monthly Q&A session where I’ll expand upon the materials within the Academy, allowing you to put the concepts you’ve learned into practice. (Value: $1,500)
  • In-depth worksheets to help you dig deep and gain the most from your experience (Value: $900)
  • Super engaged community access so you can connect with other high-achievers (Value: $600)
  • Lifetime access to the Academy, and to all future updates, so you can continue to focus on creating sustainable success for yourself (Value: Priceless)

VALUE: $20,400

Your Investment:

$547 Today

followed by 5 monthly
payments of $547

or 1-time payment of $2997
(Save 10%)

* with 12 weeks of LIVE Group Coaching *

  • 12-weeks of live, interactive mindset and business coaching, with 1:1 strategy, live ‘hot seat style’ coaching, and more, so you can get targeted, personalized help as you work through the Epic Success Academy (Value: $10,000)
  • 5 modules with powerful lessons to teach you the ins and outs of my Neuroachievement™ method so you can apply it to your life (Value: $8,000)
  • Live monthly Q&A session where I’ll expand upon the materials within the Academy, allowing you to put the concepts you’ve learned into practice. (Value: $1,500)
  • In-depth worksheets to help you dig deep and gain the most from your experience (Value: $900)
  • Super engaged community access so you can connect with other high-achievers (Value: $600)
  • Lifetime access to the Academy, and to all future updates, so you can continue to focus on creating sustainable success for yourself (Value: Priceless)

VALUE: $10,400

Your Investment:

$197 Today

followed by 5 monthly
payments of $197

or 1-time payment of $997
(Save 8%)

* does NOT include 12 weeks of live coaching *

This is one of THE best online programs I’ve ever invested in. It’s easily worth $50,000, even $100,000 for me for the amount of benefit I’ve had from it. It’s massively moved the needle for me in terms of my productivity, in terms of my mindset, and in terms of the results that I’m getting in not only my business, but also my life.

~ Carl Allen

What else do I need to know?

I want you to feel confident about your decision to join the Epic Success Academy, so I’ve answered some questions you may have.

Rewiring your entire mind seems hard. Is it really possible?

Yes! And while your overall transformation may have a huge impact on your life and business, it isn’t difficult to achieve. Just like stacking blocks, you’ll be working on one small piece at a time. Each step is small, and it builds upon the last. Before you know it, you’ll be thinking, acting, and performing like a 7-figure success—so that you become one!

This sounds like a value-packed course! Can I get through it all?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, don’t worry. Each lesson is designed with your busy life in mind, and they won’t take more than 15-20 minutes to complete. As you go through the materials, you’ll be working side-by-side with the Epic Success Academy community. This means there’s built-in accountability and support.

After you sign up, you’ll receive one module bi-weekly, so you only need to focus on one thing at a time. 

Even better, you get lifetime access to the Academy—so you can always revisit the materials later!

I want more personal attention and access to you.

When you invest in The VIP level of the Epic Success Academy you receive access to 12 weeks of live mindset and business coaching with me and 3 months of mastermind support with other high-achievers. You’ll receive direct feedback on your questions and roadblocks.

Are there payment plans available?

Yes, you may pay in full or leverage a payment plan for both the self-study and VIP access to the Epic Sales Academy. Join today for as low as $197 a month.

 What sort of results can I reasonably expect from this course?

While each person and business is different, the process I teach is applicable to everyone. If you put in the work, you can expect real results.

Have other questions? Or want to talk about something specific to you and if ESA if right for you? Send me a DM or Text EPIC2019 to 474747 and then send a text with your specific situation or question. We are standing by!

Say goodbye to stress and hello to a proven, repeatable system for 7-figure success while working fewer hours.