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Creating Epic Success in Life and Business!

April 25, 2018 No Comments

Work Less, Make More with Dr. Shannon Irvine

Do you identify with any of this internal dialogue? “I need to hustle hustle hustle!” “Time to do more to make more!” “If I don’t learn ‘all the things’, I will never succeed.” If this sounds like you, you may have fallen victim to the current “rise and grind” epidemic that has infiltrated the entrepreneur […]

April 18, 2018 No Comments

Develop an 8-Figure Entrepreneur Mindset with Dr. Shannon Irvine

Have you ever had a moment that you knew that you were meant to make such a HUGE impact in the world??  Then no more than a few seconds later you tell yourself you aren’t “fill in the blank” ENOUGH?  Welcome to the world of being an entrepreneur with a mission, being bullied by your thoughts […]

April 11, 2018 No Comments

Grow Your Facebook Group to Deliver Your Genius: Interview with Christina Jandali

Have you ever had that moment when you realized you were made for something more, something bigger? That you had something you knew you needed to offer the world? Today that is the story you will hear about how Christina Jandali built her multi-6 figure business after leaving her 9-5! Get ready to learn how […]