Are you a personal brand entrepreneur? Then listen up, because this podcast is especially for “YOU”!

Maybe you have been slaying your business for years, or maybe you have just started your journey. Either way, Chris Ducker (serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, proud Brit, and founder of the ‘Youpreneur Community’”) knows what it’s like to experience frustration and burnout somewhere along the way.

Tired of working 14-hour days, 6 days a week and hardly seeing his family, Chris decided on his ultimate goal in 2010: to become a Virtual CEO. And one day (after having a rousing water balloon battle with Pat Flynn), he discovered (and coined) what it meant to be a YOUPRENEUR: “A smart, savvy entrepreneur who builds a thriving, timeless business from the strong foundation of his or her personal brand”.

Get ready to learn how to “market like a magnet”, because lessons Chris gives us on this episode of The Epic Success Podcast are so valuable, you are going to have to hear them for yourself (plus, he has an accent. How cool is that?).



Your key take-aways:

  • What it means to “attract the best, and repel the rest”.
  • How he built an international tribe while never leaving the Philippines.
  • The steps to take to guard your heart against negative comments (one person once said that Chris had a head shaped like a peanut!).
  • The importance of the People to People business model (P2P).
  • Plus, the exciting ways he begins all of his keynotes (it’s amazing what a little Michael Jackson can do for a crowd!).


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