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It’s a little known fact that the techniques we’re normally taught in order to make ourselves more "productive" actually work in DIRECT opposition to how our brains are wired.

I repeat, if you’re following the big-name productivity gurus, you are most likely working in direct opposition to how your brain is wired!

And how the heck do I know this? Well, I have a phD in Neuroscience, and I’ve spent my entire adult life studying the brain and how it works! 

If you’re following the common tips on productivity, it’s no wonder that you feel wiped out at the end of the day. And totally unsurprising that you aren’t reaching the levels of success you deeply desire to reach!   

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IT IS NOT YOU that is holding you back from being productive!!!  


It’s your lack of an effective system - one specifically and scientifically designed with your brain’s chemistry in mind - that is keeping you from achieving the results you’re craving!  

I'm here to give you the real scoop...

The challenge we face is that our brains do not know how to separate the good from the bad - the productive from the useless. They are purely wired for efficiency. 

So, it doesn’t matter whether your "input" is good or bad - your brain is going to work its hardest to make sure that any action you repeat becomes systematized in order to conserve your energy.  

I'm going to show you EXACTLY how to wire your brain for maximum efficiency in this incredible, brain-hacking 5-day Productivity workshop.

Get the Productivity Powerhouse Workshop at a DEEP discount!

Get it for only $47 (Regular price is $297)

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Dr. Shannon Irvine is an Entrepreneur, High Achievement Mentor, Host of the Epic Success Podcast and PhD. in Neuro-Psychology & Philantropist. 

Dr. Shannon helps her clients “neuro-hack” their success and build an Epic Life and Business that they love by harnessing the power of the brain to hardwire productivity, goal attainment, and high performance mindset mastery.

Through her courses, programs, and Epic Success Podcast, her clients learn the power of neuroachievement™ — her process for shifting how to think, act, and grow, so they can achieve anything they desire. They learn how to hardwire what they want, and delete anything that’s holding them back!

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs go for their God given dreams by giving them the step-by-step blueprint to go from “Dream to Launch” in a way that honors what they value most.

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