I can hardly believe the anticipation buzzing around about this week’s podcast! I sat down with my online mentor, Amy Porterfield (the go-to lady for webinars and list-building) to deliver you her tips for online marketing, served on a silver platter with EPIC on top!

Everyone knows of Amy and her successes (if you don’t, check out the links at the end of the show notes – you won’t be disappointed!), and in this episode, we dive deep into some topics that you may have heard about, but believe me, they have never been presented in this way before!

  • Starting Out: How Amy went from motorcycles, to motivation, to mentor to thousands.
  • Webinars and Course Creation: How teaching others grew her audience and community to where it is today.
  • List-building: What exactly is it, what is its importance and what in the world is a lead magnet?
  • Humanizing yourself: Using the power of video to make a raw connection.

You won’t want to miss this, so grab your earbuds, a pencil and paper, and press “play” now!

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